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Massage prostate is unusual type of massage. This massage can be made only through your anus, which is not allowable for most men. There is no need do be worry, this massage can help to your prostate get better and it will help you to ejaculate. Every masseuse from our parlor will ALWAYS use a latex gloves because of hygiene and vaseline, so you won’t be hurt.

masážní olej

Why this massage?
This massage is not only about ejaculation, it is about your health. Men are a little neglect in care of their prostate, but if man suffer from ejaculation deprivation, it can lead to a prostate cancer. You can read about this in medicine’s books and you can find studies about this. If you don’t have a sexual life, you should visit our parlor to get your prostate in good condition.

Every massage in our parlor will start in shower, because hygiene and cleanness is very important to us. Do you need our massage to take a shower with you? Just say it, and she will take it with you.

After shower you will go to your massage room, where you will be only you two, and where you will not be disturbed. Your room and your masseuse will be all yours for whole your visit. Your discretion is important too, that’s why you have to come in time you chose. Prostate is massaging from your anus, and if you are getting this massage for the first time, it can be maybe a little awkward for you. But you don’t have to be ashamed, our masseuses do this massages every day, it is absolutely normal massage.

masáž zad

You can have more massages at one time if you want, you just have to book your masseuses for you. When you open our website, you can see all of them and time when they are available, co you can plan your visit. We will make you any massage from our list, and we hope you will come back to another massage we offer. Our masseuses are available almost every day.

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